Sticky: Do You Have a Dog Training Question?

Are you having trouble house training your dog? Perhaps you just got a puppy and need advice on the best way to socialise him. Never heard of clicker training and want to know what it entails? Whatever your dog training question, this is the best place to ask it!

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A quick note on Potty Training/House Training: Before posting a “new” question, please check it hasn’t already been answered before! For more advice, read this post first: Toilet Training Woes

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32 Responses to “Sticky: Do You Have a Dog Training Question?”

  1. Ari says:

    HI I have a two year old miniature pinscher who loves to go potty inside! she pees outside and poops inside! we have bought her alot of potty training things but she dosent budge! she poops in my basement and in my no touch living rom (no ones allowed inside). i live with a friend at the moment and she has threatened to kick me out if i dont do something about my dog! but im not going to get rid of her no matter what! i just need her to go potty outside so i dont lose my home! ive tried being out the with her for 10-15 minutes but she dosent go! we let her lose around the hoouse when we r at home and tie her up in the kitchen when we leave< we leave a potty training matt but she dosent use it! im afriad its too late to potty train her!


  2. brianna says:

    My dog is a Dachsaund. She is 4 years old. We take her out almost every thirty minutes and when we bring her back inside we kind of don’t pay attention, but a few minutes later a family member finds either pee or poop in the house after she was just outside. I have tried spanking her and rubing her nose in it when she goes and putting her outside. I have tried walking her outside. I don’t know what to do. What should I do to train her?

  3. carmen says:

    I have a 20 month old lab mix. She has been going outside for she was trained when I first got her. Now she wets in the house and will not go out even when I go with and put her on a leash. I have to force her to go out she does not like to go anymore I have a fenced in yard. Should I go back to going out with her again I tried but she refuses to go out unless I pull her and I don’t like doing that. I am ready to give her away and I don’t want to she also has free run of the house. I hope u can help

  4. jomar2 says:

    what is causing my spade female lab mix to straddle my husbands foot/shoe all the time and then starts to bite on the shoe. Anything to do with the Alpha thing? She knows I’m the (pack leader). She doesn’t do it to me. Thanks for replying. Oh, she is 20 months old now. We’ve had her since she was 10 weeks old.

  5. I have a 15 or 16 pound Poshie (Pomeranian Sheltie mix) who pulls on the leash and I can`t always conrtol her, how do I stop her? I also have a pure bred 9 pound black Pomeranian who tries to run after things like runners, bikes, moter cycles, and semi trucks, and he sounds mean, like he growls and barks and tries to run after them he`s really not mean, and I don`t want people to think he is, how do I stop him too?

  6. sybil says:

    I have a loving Brittany rescue dog… She’s 3 years old and has 2 issues .. the first is that she likes to run away .. give the opportunity and the second, not so big a deal is that she likes to lick us … Is that a problem, and how do we stop it. thanks

  7. Jerie Guegan says:

    I have a 14 week golden retriever. He did very well the first 2 weeks sleeping in the crate. Now he balks at it. He cries when we put him in but settled down after a 1/2-1 hr. He wakes up at 4 am and cries the rest of the night.

    We have taken him out to do potty a couple of times thinking that might be it, but he just wants to play.

    Please help.

  8. Tina says:

    Hello, I have a 3 year old doxie that I rescued from a puppy mill. She had been caged all this time and has no social skills. She does come out from under the table to get a treat which is a real up thing, but runs back under the table. What do I need to do to make her more social. I have 3 other doxies that are senior citizens and want this one to be my best friend. Thank you

  9. CAndy says:

    I have a 6 mth old border collie. She sleeps in a crate during the night and does not mess in it at all. I tried letting her out and she pees on the rug. Should I wait till she is older to let her sleep outside of the crate?

  10. Mandi says:

    My roommate and I are considering getting two puppies. We both want to wait until we are settled into the new apartment. Due to limited finances we either have to wait a long time and get the dogs at the same time or buy one, wait, and buy the other. What concerns me is house breaking. Would it be better to train two dogs at the same time or train the first and then the next when we get it?

  11. Kristin says:

    We have a 10 week old hungarian Vizsla puppy. In all other respects, house training obedience etc (he can already sit and stay and play fetch) he is perfect, however, he is horrific for biting and barking. He was the bullied puppy in the litter, I don’t know if that is why. He genuinely bites, as in sinks his teeth in, rather than the usual puppy mouthing, and nothing stops him. we’ve tried ignoring him, distracting him with toys and pushing him away when he does it but nothing has any effect. if we sit on the sofa he will literally attack, diving in repeatedly for any exposed bit of flesh. His other problem is the barking, he barks for no reason and almost constantly, the neighbours hate us! he is crate trained and more or less housebroken to go outside and an otherwise good puppy when he’s not making a noise or biting us. He didn’t do it when he first came, I’m wondering if it’s cos he’s finding his feet having previously been the runt, he is now enjoying the one on one attention. he’s about to have his 10 week injections so we’re hoping exercise will help. please help! we’ve had such a bad day with him today 🙁

  12. Nadine says:

    Hi there~

    I brought home a female 7 week old Labradoodle a little over a week ago. Since then she has had A LOT of trouble sleeping through the night. She litterally screams bloody murder from the time we put her in the crate until we let her out the following morning. I slept with her the first three nights, and decided enough was enough, time for her to get used to sleeping by herself in her crate. She cries SO loud and constantly that we have to put her crate covered with a blanket (of course there is a side ope for air holes) in a room upstairs.

    Please tell me if there’s something I can do to help comfort her so that she will stop this behavior. She wears herself out all night that she sleeps a good portion of the day!


  13. Beverly says:

    We have a border collie lab mix that weighs 70lbs. He wants to run up to the neighbors every time he is untied which is causing a lot of grief. Besides that he is a great dog. What can we do to stop him from going up the road?

  14. Heather says:

    Hi, we have a young german shorthaired pointer. He was a stray who arrived at our house around six months ago. Soon after he gained weight and adjusted to our routine, we noticed severe problems with separation anxiety. At this time it was manifested primarily through extremely destructive behavior. We adjusted his environment when alone by eliminating anything he could destroy and providing plenty of acceptable chewing items and did several suggested means of dealing with anxiety behaviorally such as not greeting him immediately upon arriving home, etc. We also put him on Reconcile at our vet’s suggestion. All of this seemed to help tremendously, and until I left last month for a two week trip he was fine (I am usually home most of the day working on our farm–he is outside with me almost all day). While I was gone, my husband came home at lunch every day and spent an hour or so outside with him and his buddy (our well-behaved dog!). He had basically the same routine during this time as far as outside frequency (but not actual amount of time) and the same feeding schedule. He started soiling in front of the house door and walking back and forth in his pee and poop after about a week. When I came home, I started with crate training (providing positive associations, using it in conjunction with an existing routine, feeding him in the crate, leaving him only for a few hours except for overnight). We have used large blankets and dog beds in the crate for bedding. This went well for a week, and he began soiling his crate as well, even soiling in his food bowl if it is left in the crate after meals. He also paces the front of the crate and barks at mealtimes (while waiting for his food to be prepared). Our vet suggested giving him Xanax in conjunction with the Reconcile, which we have tried. He is on a good schedule of meal and outside times, with little variation, and eats premium food (Wellness duck) for dogs that may have food sensitivities. I clean the crate immediately when he soils it and replace the bedding. He spends maybe a total of four hours a day in the crate (other than overnight) and never more than two or three hours at one time. He soils the crate equally during the day and at night. This has been so frustrating because he is such a sweet dog and really extremely well-behaved (even strangers will comment on how well-behaved he is) when he is with me. I feel it is a combination of his separation anxiety as well as perhaps some background problems with how he may have been kept in a kennel (I assume since he was bred to be a hunting dog) and developed a pattern of soiling his area before he came to us as a stray. Is there anything else we can do? Any suggestions or advice would be so appreciated! Many thanks. . .

  15. Matt says:

    I have 2 medium size mutts (4 yrs. and 2 yrs.) and I’m having a small problem house training the younger one. He’s fine anywhere in the house with the exception of one bedroom. If he has access to this room he will it’s almost a guarantee that he will pee and poop in there. This behavior has us keeping a gate at the bottom of the stairs (which I can’t stand) and our bedroom door closed at night when he’s in there with us overnight. Keeping the particular room’s door closed is an option, but not what I’m trying to accomplish. I read somewhere that maybe he needs his pack scent in that room but I’m at a loss at this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  16. faith says:

    my husband and I have a 7 month old boston terrier mixed. we adopted him. everytime we sit on th couch he always has to sit right ON us. it is really tarting to get frustrating. he also jumps up on us alot. he still does this even after we take him potty. our dog has seperation anxiety big time. he HATES his crate he works himself up so much he pees on the outside of his crate when he is in it. this is our 3rd crate with him. he broke the other 2. please help. we don’t know what to do

  17. Abby says:

    I have an 11 week old English bulldog. I am not sure how to go about training. I have her sleep in a crate at night, which she doesn’t mind-But when I am at work, I put her in my kitchen which is hard wood floor, and easier to clean up messes. Is it ok to leave her out of her crate in the kitchen when I’ll be at work for 8 hours and then crate her when I sleep? Or will it affect her potty training??

    Read our advice here: Toilet Training English Bulldog

  18. robert says:

    I have a 4 month old female bull mastiff i can not get her to walk with on a leash it ‘s like a stand off she will just lay down i do not use a chocker i don’t thank it would help can you please give me some suggestion’s on how to do this so it’s not so painful on both of us thanks

    You can read my reply here: Leash Training Problems

  19. Tamara says:

    We recently(2 mos ago)adopted a 12 month old Lab mix from a neglect situation where he was crated 23 hours a day. Our dogs are routinely fed at 6:30 AM and again in the evening. This new dog begs to go out several times a night because he knows eventually after 1 of those trips out it will be breakfast time. We are getting up about 6 times a night to either let him out or give him attention. He sleeps with our daughters at night and we close their bedroom doors so that he can’t have free run of the house. How do we get him to sleep during the night and patiently wait until morning for breakfast? He was very thin when we took him and is gradually putting on weight. I am also concerned because I have never seen a dog eat as fast as this one. Thank you

    Read my advice here:Getting Lab Mix Into A Routine

  20. Maris says:

    I have a 2 yr old golden retriever, female, who weighs 80 lbs. she is generally very well-behaved, but I try and take her for long walks each day. Where we live the walks are usually limited to the same 2 or 3 places. And she also has an affinity for other animal’s feces. Through either attempting to get at animal feces along our walk, or just for no apparent reason – she will decide to just stop walking and no treat or command will prompt her to continue. any suggestions? She’s too heavy to really ‘nudge’ along very far.

    You can see my response here: Golden Retriever Misbehaving

  21. Preston says:

    I have a 2 year old American Bull Dog. He’s very socialized with other dogs. The only problem he has is that he will show aggresion to another male dog that is not neutered. Why is that.

    See my reply here: American Bulldog Male Aggression

  22. Danny says:

    I have a 5 month old chocolate lab. I also have a 9 month old yellow lab. When I first got the yellow lab I had him house broke in a few days. I got him at about 8 weeks. I got the chocolate lab at 8 weeks as well and she is still not housebroke. She thinks it is ok to poop in the house I suppose. Help!!

  23. JESSICA says:

    my bf and i recetnly bought a 6 month old blk lab/ golden retreiver puppy hes not housebroken….we’ve had him for almost 2 weeks now. he ends up pee’n and pooping on the carpet right infront of me.. the family we bought him from said he was house broken as soon as we brought him home he went on the carpet … and then we took him on vacation with us to VA and he does nothing but go on my friends brand new carpet we’ve been here for about a week now my bf takes him out every hour and he wont go.. he’ll end up going when he comes home.. and weve tried alot of ways to make him go outside… we only leave the house for about 2 hours a day and leave him home alone. .please help.. i dont know what to do.

    My suggestions can be found here: Lab/Golden Mix Housetraining Problems

  24. Anne says:

    I am adopting a 6 year old springer spaniel and one of her pups. I am going to crate train the puppy, but should I put the older dog in the crate with the puppy when I am training?

    See my reply here: Crate Train Mum and Pup Together?

  25. jill elliott says:

    I have a six month old cocker spaniel bitch who is very energetic and loves her walks. I myself am a very keen walker but have tried hard not to over walk her when she was younger. How far is she able to go everyday now would you think? I live in very hilly countryside so she races up and down.

    I have left some advice for Jill here: Cocker Spaniel Walking

  26. Monica says:

    I have two boxer dogs a one and a half year old male (Bailey) and a 16wk female (Daisy). They are both very good in the house and listen to both my husband and I however whenever we take them around other dogs they both start barking and the male even lunges at other dogs. For instance, we recently signed them up for training classes and the whole class Bailey was barking and lunging at the other dogs. Some times it would be at a dog that wasn’t doing anything and some times another dog would growl at him and it would set him off. Daisy was good until Bailey started getting out of control and then it would set her off and she would start barking but not lunging.
    We just dont know what to do, we take him on long runs so he gets a lot of exercise and we made sure to socialize him as a puppy, he does ok at a leash free dog park when the other dogs are behaving but as soon as theres a scuffel he tries to be right in the middle of it. Is there any hope for him?

    I have given some pointers for Monica here: Boxer Out of Control

  27. Greg says:

    I have a 10 week old Wheaten Terrier- wonderful dog and learning things amazingly fast.when he eats he takes pieces of food from his bowl about 2 feet away and eats it from the floor. Its not that big of a deal but was wondering if there was an easy fix to get him to just eat from his bowl.

  28. sean benton says:

    i have a 7 month rednose pitbull and when im home he wont go to the bathroom in the house but as soon as i leave for a hour he goes in the house what do i do to get him to stop

  29. Julene says:

    I have (2) small puppies. they are brothers. can they be crate trained together?

  30. cortney says:

    I have a wonderful 3 year old choc lab… we just had a new baby and all of a sudden he has gotten very protective of the house. He has been a great dog always very well tempered but up until now was a only child. He is great with the baby! But has been getting aggressive with new visitors to our home. He has growling and nipped on one occasion. this is not like him at all! We are concerned and need to get to the bottom of this.
    Can you please help us! we love our Dexter and know that he is a great dog. We just want to fix this now before he decides to hurt someone god forbid!
    Thank you so much for you time!

  31. joe says:

    i have a 10 weeks old maltipoo and i want to know if outdoor potty train will work in cold winter tempetures ( -10 ish) in toronto canada?

    the reason i ask is indoor potty training doesn’t seem to work at all! we bought training pads but he refuse to use it! we have his urine on the pad, but he doesn’t go on it to pee, he would pee else where.. everytime he sniffs and circle we pick him up and place on the pad, but he walks away and then pees in other places..

  32. patty says:

    my puppy is a labador (8 weeks). I have been training her to do the restroom outside for a week. When i take her outside she does potty but i have to be watching her to take her outsdie. She still does not let me know when she needs to go outside. I am on vacation but will have to go back. I was thinking of leting her stay outside and in the evening let her in. Will she get used to doing potty outside. please help i am getting fusrated.

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