Dogs Knocking Over Trash Can

Ann asked:

“How can I get my dogs to stop dumping over the tradh can and getting into it? I even put a cinder block in the bottom of the can. I have no other place to put the trash can.”

Our solution….

There is not really a lot you can do about this in terms of training your dog not to tip over the garbage cans, but there are ways to deter them.

  1. You can either buy some deterrent spray/crystals/powder/gel from the home & garden center and scatter it around the trash cans
  2. Do a home made version of the above using cut lemons or orange/lemon peel – dogs do not like citrus smells!
  3. Purchase an “ultrasonic pest scarer”. They are battery powered devices about the size of a cigarette packet that use an infra red sensor like those use for home security.  When an animal passes in range of the sensor, it emits a burst of sound inaudible to humans, but irritating to the animals targeted.  This method should stop them quite quickly.  The added bonus is that this device will not only stop your dogs from upturning the garbage, it will deter other dogs, cats, foxes, rats, squirrels etc..

Using these tactics may seem a little cruel, but they merely startle the animals or make them avoid areas in the same way their instincts would tell them to do in the wild.

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